I have been providing psychiatric consultation to patients, families, primary care providers,, and other mental health professionals in many different settings throughout Wisconsin for the past 8 years. I have extensive experience with the technology and process of delivering psychiatric care by video and believe this is a technology well-suited to providing psychiatric care to all populations, especially in rural and underserved areas. I am available for consultation  to anyone who is interested in exploring this technology and its possibilities for delivering mental health services.

Telepsychiatry Consultation

I offer consultation to agencies and mental health providers that may be considering providing psychiatric consultation services via videoconferencing, also known as telemedicine, telepsychiatry, or telemental health services. I have been providing psychiatric consultation to private and public agencies over the past 8 years and serving hundreds of children, adolescents, and adults with a wide range of developmental disabilities and mental illnesses. This is a very rewarding endeavor and is a service that offers an important piece of the puzzle presented by the challenge of providing mental health services to rural areas and underserved populations.

I spent my early years living in very small towns in isolated, rural areas of Nebraska and Kansas. From those experiences I am very aware of the difficulty of accessing and providing specialized medical services in isolated areas. Psychiatric consultation via videoconferencing is an exciting and straight-forward use of technology to address mental health needs for underserved areas. As a former family practitioner, I have also discovered that my consultation by telepsychiatry can be a very useful method to support primary care providers in their roles as front-line mental health clinicians. Although not immediately obvious to patients, administrators, and clinicians when first considering telepsychiatry consultations, the use of videoconferencing often increases communication between providers and patients as the process depends on clear and efficient sharing of information by all involved parties.

If you or your organization are curious about developing telepsychiatry consultation, please email me or call 608-444-7838. There are some businesses that have been developed that provide thousands of telepsychiatry consultations nationwide each year. I believe these consultations are likely to feel distant, impersonal, and production-line processes with a primary focus on the bottom line of the business rather than the consultation service and patient outcomes.  In contrast, I offer my experience and expertise to help providers and organizations develop telepsychiatry services locally or regionally by educating an organization and/or provider(s) about the ease, rewards, and realities of implementing telepsychiatry services. In my own consultation practice, I integrate the use of a web-based electronic medical record(EMR) and e-scribing technology which improves communication and clinical processes. I also use a website and blog as education tools for patients and providers. I am happy to share resources and references of vendors regarding the development of websites/social media as well as the technology of videoconferencing which includes broadband requirements and video hardware.

I welcome all inquiries. My mission is to improve telepsychiatry consultation and mental health care for rural, underserved populations. I believe I can accomplish this mission by sharing my knowledge, experience, and hard-won confidence, in order to encourage providers and organizations to investigate this technology and process.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Randall Cullen,MD